Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering students are the key to connect the current society to the fast accelerating economic society. Solamalai College of Engineering commences the department and committed the excellent faculty team with great experience. The infrastructure and national standard of our laboratories provide the vibrant learning environment. The department has the equal proportion of both Electronics and Communication which are humongous and fast growing sectors of all time. We update ourselves to meet the expectation created by both the students and society. Society needs the quality engineers for the better future and that is our responsibility and we have the abilities.

Few Functions performed by Electronics & Communication Engineering :

  • Design and maintain satellites, which bring TV, telephone and Internet service into remote and rural regions
  • ECE Engineers also creates advanced communication facilities like video conferencing which bring people together from all over the world
  • Develops programs for various control and communication systems
  • They are specialized in technical sales, product representation, systems management, the design and manufacture of electronic devices and systems, or the installation, maintenance and repair of electronic systems and equipment.
  • To fabricate and test electronic circuits Manufacturing, testing and maintenance of electronic devices and systems.

Employment Opportunity

  • Research & Development Software Engineer
  • Industries manufacturing Electronics & Communication systems, PCB components, Computers and other electronic equipments.
  • Electronic Exchanges, Department of Telecommunications, Doordarshan, BSNL, Railways, Electricity Board are major employers of Electronics Engineers

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